Important Vodacom Customer Care Numbers

This is actually a listing of greater than 30 Vodacom customer treatment variety improved for 2014 to make use of at anytime you wish to contact the Vodacom consumer treatment South Africa.

You will certainly find Vodacom customer care collection for the local offices, Vodacom arrangement packages, unexpected emergency varieties, general questions, phone numbers to lay grievances to Vodacom client treatment and also a lot more Vodacom hotline phone numbers.
For your convenience, our company have actually grouped the detailed Vodacom customer treatment varieties listed between free of charge to call, spent for, costs and amounts you can get in touch with coming from an additional system and/or landlines.

vodacom customer care image

Free to get in touch with Vodacom customer care phone numbers

111 (or even 114)– General questions, this phone numbers serves when you desire to check everything coming from Vodacom, this is the number to get in touch with, they are going to aim you to the appropriate path.
155– For all data package related queries, get in touch with this phone numbers and also your matter are going to be actually fixed a lot faster.

1187– Pre paid information hotline.
1181– Contact this variety to swiftly examine or alter you current toll plan.
082 1959– Vodacom Deal Upgrade Team. Vodacom-customer-care-number
124– To blacklist or even disclose a stolen phone, you may considered this Vodacom client care pipe.
082 129 YEBO (9326)– Considered this variety if you wish to switch over (slot) to Vodacom, or exactly what is known as porting a mobile number (this is actually without a Vodacom cell phone).
199– Vodacom Social work customer care. In straightforward phrases, this is actually the variety to call if you desire to get a Vodacom public phone compartment.
12580– This client treatment line is actually solely for people with specials needs (Blind, deaf, knowning impaired and so on).
112– Is your life endangered? Needed to have cops or even an ambulance? Dial this phone numbers for all your emergency situation needs as well as these experts are going to put you via to the right department.
121– This is actually for your Vodacom voicemail needs, produce, recover and more.

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How to Get Free Airtime Online on your tablet

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from the tablet world visitors. All asking about the secret I revealed earlier this year that you can get free airtime online using your tablet. Any tablet!

free airtime image

But this trick is only working for people staying around South Africa, and you have to be on the Vodacom network or at least have a Vodacom prepaid SIM. Unfortunately, contract and / or month to month SIM cards will not work.

Today I’m very proud to announce that I will share my free airtime trick step by step for everyone’s sake. Are you ready? Cant wait? Me either!

Ok, here’s a step by step guide.

Free airtime trick that work on tablets

Good, now have your tablet ready. Make sure you have downloaded the Vodacom app for tablets, you will use it to enter your airtime.

Note: You must be connected on the internet to do this trick.

Step 1:

Turn off your tablet device and turn it on again for a refresh.

Step 2:

Turn off internet connection, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Step 3:

Turn back ONLY the internet connection and leave Bluetooth and Wifi turned off.

Step 4:

Now go back to your internet setting and turn airplane mode on, wait 2 minutes or so and turn it on again.

Step 5:

Go to your favorite web browser.

Step 6: Delete cookies and cache and make sure “private browsing” or something similar is enabled. If you’re using Chrome, it’s called in-cognition and if you are using Safari, I do not know what it’s called but I know the theme of the web browser become very dark. Or black to be precise.

Step 7:

Go to the Vodacom website and register for the online account using your cell number. Make sure you enter a password that you will remember. Because you will need it later in this tutorial to input it on the free airtime generator software.

Step 7:

Go to your email inbox and confirm your Vodacom registration. This will not work you dont confirm the registration.

Step 8:

After that, now go to this link to download the Vodacom free airtime codes software.

Step 9:

You’ll be asked to enter the login information. You must enter the details that you used to register on the Vodacom website.

Step 10:

The software will run and it will keep revealing Vodacom airtime codes for you, you must try these. You get three generated code per day. Most often, one code will work on a given day, sometimes two will work. On rare occasions, all three may not work.


Happy airtime hacking! :)

What is debt consolidation loan

Ask your self a question: “Is personal debt combination a smart idea?” In this particular blog post our company’ll help you address that concern by discussing exactly how a debt consolidation loan works, exactly what the options are, and also illustrating when financial debt combination can aid you and when it will not.

Being actually in financial debt is not enjoyable. You require all the info to create the greatest selection, in order that you could switch your finances around as swiftly and easily as feasible.

Debt Combination Essentials

Just what is a debt combination lending? It’s a funding that enables you to pay your present debts along with a brand-new financing that possesses different terms (commonly from a various creditor) in comparison to your present financings or even charge card.

The explanation this could be helpful to individuals along with a great deal of debt is that this can deal with 3 of the most awful troubles you encounter:

1) Higher interest rates
Some forms of financial obligation (specifically charge card) can easily possess exceptionally high rate of interest– approximately 25 % or even more. If you’re in that kind of condition, there is actually a likelihood your debt will definitely increase faster than you may spend it off. Which is actually why a combination funding could usually verify to be a far better option: it may permit you in order to get a lesser interest rate, which would certainly conserve you money over the long-run.

2) Higher month to month payments
People along with bunches of financial obligation also frequently battle with high minimal repayments– which are actually in some cases greater than they can pay monthly. That may lead to a contagion effect where you overlook settlements, your rate of interest receive raised, then you cannot stay above water. A consolidation lending could occasionally decrease your month-to-month settlement, and that can give you enough inhaling area to get back on track.

3) Complication because of too many expenses
Another typical obstacle to getting out of financial obligation is actually when the sheer number of expenses you get makes it difficult to also track which settlement is due on which day. Unification could aid with this complication by minimizing the lot of expenses you get down to a singular one. That can easily make it easier to focus on avoiding personal debt.

Is actually financial obligation combination a good tip? This relies on your circumstance. Our team’ll explain listed here. While there are some actual advantages to debt unification, it’s incredibly important that you do your homework as well as recognize there is actually a variety of alternatives when this concerns financial debt consolidation financings– some are good, some are bad, as well as some are actually downright predatory