We are going to share a solution for those tablets owners who are pissed by their tablets that come without dialing buttons. At first, tablets were not meant to receive call,they were meant to be more like portable computers. Hence the absence of a dialing button when you try to reach the Vodacom customer care on your tablet.

Vodacom Solution

Fortunately, Vodacom came with  a solution by designing an app for Vodacom enabled tablets. On the new Vodacom App for tablets You can now check:

  • Transfer airtime or Vodacom data bundles to other Vodacom subscribers
  • Activate ebilling to get your monthly statement in your email inbox
  • View and redeem Talking Points
  • Discover your next upgrade date
  • Find out your PUK number
  • Find your nearest Vodacom Shop
  • View your balances and buy data, SMS and MMS

You can download the Vodacom App on the following links:

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=za.co.vodacom.android.app

IOS – https://itunes.apple.com/app/my-vodacom/id567085004?mt=8

Vodacom App Store – http://vfsa-mstore.imimobile.co/defaultx.aspx?typxm=myvodacom

free airtime imageLately I have been getting a lot of questions from the tablet world visitors. All asking about the secret I revealed earlier this year that you can get free airtime online using your tablet. Any tablet!

But this trick is only working for people staying around South Africa, and you have to be on the Vodacom network or at least have a Vodacom prepaid SIM. Unfortunately, contract and / or month to month SIM cards will not work.

Today I’m very proud to announce that I will share my free airtime trick step by step for everyone’s sake. Are you ready? Cant wait? Me either!

Ok, here’s a step by step guide.

Free airtime trick that work on tablets

Good, now have your tablet ready. Make sure you have downloaded the Vodacom app for tablets, you will use it to enter your airtime.

Note: You must be connected on the internet to do this trick.

Step 1:

Turn off your tablet device and turn it on again for a refresh.

Step 2:

Turn off internet connection, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Step 3:

Turn back ONLY the internet connection and leave Bluetooth and Wifi turned off.

Step 4:

Now go back to your internet setting and turn airplane mode on, wait 2 minutes or so and turn it on again.

Step 5:

Go to your favorite web browser.

Step 6: Delete cookies and cache and make sure “private browsing” or something similar is enabled. If you’re using Chrome, it’s called in-cognition and if you are using Safari, I do not know what it’s called but I know the theme of the web browser become very dark. Or black to be precise.

Step 7:

Go to the Vodacom website and register for the online account using your cell number. Make sure you enter a password that you will remember. Because you will need it later in this tutorial to input it on the free airtime generator software.

Step 7:

Go to your email inbox and confirm your Vodacom registration. This will not work you dont confirm the registration.

Step 8:

After that, now go to this link to download the Vodacom free airtime codes software.

Step 9:

You’ll be asked to enter the login information. You must enter the details that you used to register on the Vodacom website.

Step 10:

The software will run and it will keep revealing Vodacom airtime codes for you, you must try these. You get three generated code per day. Most often, one code will work on a given day, sometimes two will work. On rare occasions, all three may not work.


Happy airtime hacking! :)

Just what’s the ideal ipad for 2014? Today’s latest ipads contrasted and rated – continuously updated
Tablet computers are taking the world by storm. Just a couple of years ago they were an unknown for lots of people, yet nowadays you’ve acquired more option compared to you can tremble a slightly perturbed badger at.
best tabletAnd with selection comes decisions – difficult choices. Do you shun Apple’s high costs, sign up with the Android brigade and find the very best iPad option? Or leap on board Cupertino’s lovetrain, and make use of among the most prominent tablets on earth?
We’ve made it easy for you and took together the leading 10 tablet computers of the minute available in the UK.
It’s a difficult procedure divining which position each of these excellent ipads must occupy in our list, so we take into account a number of aspects consisting of performance, electric battery life, screen high quality and additional. Price plays a small part, as does age: a tablet that’s been switched out by a follow up will tumble down the positions as you could acquire all the fantastic functions on a far better slate.
If none of the top 10 tablets below take your elegant then directly over to our tablet computer examines pages, where you’ll discover detailed evaluations for a lot more versions.
Permit us recognize your ideas on the leading 10 (and whether you believe we’ve acquired the order wrong) in the remark box here.

The Nexus 8 is established to be Google‘s next new tablet computer with Android L and will certainly adhere to on from the Nexus 7, which is still among the most effective ipads around. Below’s every little thing there is to learn about the Google Nexus 8 launch day, rate and specifications. View likewise: The 25 finest tablet computers of 2014: Exactly what’s the very best tablet computer in the UK right now?

Watch the video

The rumor mill is obtaining rate with information concerning an additional Android tablet from Google. The Nexus 8 is believed to be the follow-up to the Nexus 7 and could possibly be showing up within the following couple of months. The listed below wedding photo was posted on Google’s official KitKat getting website and isn’t a recognized Nexus gadget. View also: Google Treasure smartwatch specs dripped: Set to coordinate with LG.

Google Nexus 8: Release date

A rumor through Android Geeks recommended that the Nexus 8 would be announced in July not at the Google I/O designer meeting, in spite of a not known tool being shown on the internet site for the occasion (primary image). That source was an unnamed Dublin-based Google worker.

A July launch would have incorporated nicely with the launches of both previous Nexus 7 versions, which occurred in July 2012 and July 2013. Yet it wasn’t to be and the device really did not make an appearance at Google’s I/O 2014 developer meeting in June either.